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Features of Business CRM Web Trader Platform

Simplicity, speed, and reliability offered by our Business CRM web trader platform deliver a superior trading experience accessible from all web browsers and operating systems. Some of the features of our Business CRM web trader platform are as follows:

Advanced Charting

Analyze the Business CRM market trends using more than 100 leading-edge chart types and indicators.

Technical Analysis

Enables you to look for opportunities using customized searches based on instruments & time frame.

Track the Business CRM Industry Updates

Always keep track of the latest Business CRM market news and insights with the web trading.

Manage Your Account

Everything you need to manage your account is just a click away. Deposit & withdraw funds from your live account.

One Click Trading

Our user-friendly Business CRM web trader interface allows your trader to open a position without any delay.

Clear Management Tool

Business CRM web trader dashboard aids all the brokerage firms to monitor information regarding your client’s Business CRM trading account.

Dynamic Features of Web Trader

Our web trader platform enables all the brokerage agencies to see in real-time what your clients are trading at that very moment.

Easy-to -Use Web trading platform:

  • Smart trade ticket with advanced risk management options enables all the brokerage agencies to monitor their client’s Business CRM trading transactions within a split second

  • Our web trading platform offers you a pre-defined and customizable layout

  • The easy-to-use web trading platform offers powerful charts with integrated one-click dealing


Take Control of the Market:

  • Our web trader application of Tcsae comes with an easy-to-use risk reduction tool that allows you to protect your trades from losing

  • Also set market and pending orders, take profit and stop loss, the option to partially close your positions

  • Just open, close, and edit individual and aggregate positions at the click of a mouse


Advanced trading

  • It is built for serious traders that demand sophisticated trading features and analytic tools in one powerful package.

  • Highly customizable dashboards and trade preferences

  • Powerful charting tools, 80+ technical 


Advanced MT4 WL web trader:

  • Our MT4 white label web trading platform provides reliable data protection 

  • The MT4 white label web trading platform provide real-time Business CRM market trading quotes

  • With the aid of our advanced analysis tools, brokers can monitor the current situation of the Business CRM industry


Advanced MT5 WL web trader:

  • Our MT5 WL web trader comes with three chart types and nine timeframes

  • It comes with an advanced strategy tester and real-time market depth

  • Also, it offers one-click trading solutions and reliable sensitive data, protection


Real Time Business CRM Market Scenario:

  • Buy and sell Business CRM assets in seconds, and make educated decisions based on live Business CRM market sentiment

  • Get accurate Business CRM marketing data on the Tcsae community in real -time and stay on top of the Business CRM industry

  • As a brokerage firm, spend time conducting your own technical or fundamental analysis


Astounding Features of our Business CRM web trading platform:

Some of the astounding features of our easy to use and user-friendly Business CRM web trader platform are as follows:


User-Friendly Interface:

Our Business CRM web trader platform at Tcsae comes with an easy-to-use interface and modern design. The web trader platform is simple to use and suitable for start-up brokerage agencies and big corporate brokerage firms. With the aid of it, you can track the current financial trend of the Business CRM industry.

Access Your MT4/MT5 Web Trader Platform on Any Web Browser:

One can easily access our Business CRM MT4/MT5 white label web trading account wherever you have a secure internet connection. One can use their Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari browser from any pc and laptop at any point in time.


Tcsae WL MT4 & MT5 Web Trader Platform offer real-time trading experience:

Our WL MT4 & MT5 Web Trader platform allows you to monitor your client's trading activities wherever you have internet access, keeping you in touch with the market at all times.

Robust Business CRM:

It comes with a user-friendly CRM system. It is the lifeblood of retail brokerage business. At the same time, it increases your performance in the Business CRM industry with integrated marketing and automation tools.


Mobile web trading:

Our web trading platform even runs on smartphones. Therefore, one can monitor the situation of your client's trading account with the aid of their very own android or IOS cellular phone. Thus, one can conduct all kinds of Business CRM trading activities on the go.

Real time display of your Business CRM market:

The web trading platform allows you to monitor real-time account balance, P &L, and margin information. You can access real-time market quotes, charts, and Business CRM news to get a clear-cut understanding of the Business CRM industry as a whole.


Seamless Trading Platform:

One can access it from any browser across the desktop as well as that of smartphones. All you need to do is simply login with your Business CRM trading account and monitor your client's trading activities and transactions that take place within the FX industry as a whole.